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Aug 19, 2017  
Säbeli Bum N°9
16pm Weil schlechtes Wetter in der Heiteren Fahne, Wabern!!

Kollektiv Frei_Raum >

Jul 14, 2017  
19pm 3013 Bern-Lorraine

Café Kairo >

Louisiana Girl

The louder the radio, the better the music!

Have a close look on the drummer Marty who's trying to hide behind the front row
Singer Otis Bluetrain
Rico riding his Telecaster
Andy Gator steelin' easy...
Jimmy kneedeep in the swamp
Rico on an instrument called Pen-Joe

St. Louisan stabbed in tavern fight

ST. LOUIS, June 23 - 

Clifford Haley, former election commissioner of weights and measures under John Miller, was treated at De Paul hospital last night for a stab wound of the neck. 

Police said they learned the former official was slashed by a country guitar player in a tavern

fight which started when the guitarist said he did not know how to play "St. Louis Blues". The guitarist fled and friends took Haley to the hospital. 

Haley, whose wound was not considered seious, declined to discuss the case.



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