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"Junco Partner" is THE anthem of the dopers, the whores, the pimps, the cons. It was a song they sang in Angola, the Louisiana State Prison Farm LSP, and the rhythm was even known as "the jailbird beat"...

This legendary New Orleans song was first recorded by James Waynes in 1951 and later on performed by many different artists like of course Professor Longhair, Dr. John (live solo!), Louis Jordan, James Booker, The Meters, The Clash, just to name a few.




Down the road come Junko Podo - The boy was loaded, as can be - Boy he was knock, knock, knocked out loaded - You know he wobbled, all over the street.

Singing six months, ain’t no sentence - Lord, and one year, ain’t no time - They got boys, up on the Ponderosa - Doing life and ninty-nine.

Well, give me whiskey, when I get a little frisky - Cause it’s my good drink, when I get a little dry - Give me tobacco, when I get a little sickly - But give me heroine before I die.



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